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Threat Of Rising Interest Rates

For a number of months the media has been speculating that the Bank of Canada will rise the interest rate in 2015.  The increase is likely to occur in the later part of the year.  The increase will not be significant but will impact you on your borrowing. Since the housing crisis of 2008 in the US, I have been telling my clients to payoff their debts.  Not pay down but Read More

Holiday Season time to reflect your year end and plan for the new year

December 17, 2014 Pretty soon it will be time to stop working, close up your offices and spend time with your family and friends.  It is also time to step back and reflect on the past year and think about the new year.  This type of reflection will benefit you, if you are self employed or are incorporated and running a business. When I speak of reflection, you may want to consider: Read More

CRA looking at your Facebook

CRA looking at your Facebook page.  On October 25, the Financial Post wrote an interesting article about CRA looking at taxpayers Facebook posts.  What are they looking for?  Expensive holidays, fancy restaurants, lavish cars and lifestyle.  Why are they looking for this?  To make sure you report all your income to support your lifestyle.  It is necessary for you to report all your world wide income on your tax returns. Read More

Attention: Income Tax Filing Deadline – June 15th, 2013

Now that your taxes have been filed, payments made or refunds spent, most people think of summer and forgetting the stressful month of April. Important Accounting Date to remember if it applies to you: June 15th, 2013  Income Tax  filing deadline for self employed individuals. HST filing deadline for self employed individuals.  Income installment and HST installments due. If you need any assistance in calculating any amounts due please call or email me.  Don't forget Read More