Holiday Season time to reflect your year end and plan for the new year

Holiday Season time to reflect your year end and plan for the new year

December 17, 2014

Pretty soon it will be time to stop working, close up your offices and spend time with your family and friends.  It is also time to step back and reflect on the past year and think about the new year.  This type of reflection will benefit you, if you are self employed or are incorporated and running a business.

When I speak of reflection, you may want to consider: How well did you do financially?  Did you meet your expections and goals?  Do you have goal for growth and expansion for the new year? Perhaps you may be consider a new product line, or branching out, have you done your research?  Have you updated your Website?  Consider items such as either updating your computer software or a purchase of a new computer.  Do you need help in your bookkeeping, and is your bookkeeping up to date?  Are there any new legislations which may effect your business.

This is a lot of thinking to be done, but if you write down your thoughts, it will help you organize and grow your business.  You may want to consider the SWOT theory.  SWOT stands for:

S – Strenghts, look at your strenghts to see if you are working at your maximum capicity.

W – Weakness, look at your weakness, what are they?

O – Obsticles, what is stopping you in progressing.

T – Threats, what are the threats in your business, such as competition.

In addition to this type of reflection the holidays are also a great time to get organized and to get your paper work done!

If you need any help feel free to call or email me.  Happy Holidays everyone.


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