“When I wound down my consulting company after retiring, it no longer made sense to pay the $600 per hour for my tax lawyer, and the minimum annual year-end filing fees of $5000 that my mid-size accounting firm charged for each for my two companies that still had assets but no income. Being a lawyer by professional training, I have worked extensively with financial advisors, and I decided I still wanted to have my tax returns and basic financial advice provided by a CPA. I found Hema via the internet about three years ago. Hema is well informed and also very practical for advice about personal and small business taxes. She responds quickly to questions that come up during the year, and she has never billed me for the hour or two of time during the year–I would gladly have paid her for her time, but she seems to consider that part of her client service. From my experience, her fees are VERY reasonable for the service that she provides. If you are behind in your taxes, and/or have ‘a big mess to clean up’, or you just want good basic advice about your tax return, I strongly recommend that you talk with Hema–she is a much better resource than the ‘big tax firms’ that people go to every tax season, and you are dealing directly with an experienced and qualified CPA who has a good business sense. Thanks Hema, for your great service! – Anonymous


“Hema You Rock! Here’s a copy of my reassessment notice Hema. Thank you so much for being on the case and taking care of this. I really appreciate it!” – Anonymous


“Every time I leave Hema’s office, I feel happier—like a big weight has been lifted off of my shoulders.” – Anonymous